TerraGenesis: Landfall

Tilting Point LLC
From the makers of TerraGenesis comes TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL a free city-building simulator game in which you …
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From the makers of TerraGenesis comes TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL a free city-building simulator game in which you build and manage cities on planets in our solar system and outer space. Become the mayor of the first extraterrestrial human city and build it up to bring life to another planet. Create life in space and expand your civilization across the galaxy in this city-building simulation. Develop your city with new buildings and level up your new space society, design facilities, manage resources and keep your galactic residents happy and healthy. BUILD A NEW WORLD FOR HUMANITY OUTSIDE THE SOLAR SYSTEM Create and build a new society in space as you lead the way for a new future for civilisation in this city-building simulation. Living with new water and oxygen resources beyond Earth is the next step in human evolution. Explore, create, survive and expand cities around the universe and evolve this new world in outer space using NASA science in this free simulator. Expand your culture and capabilities to exceed your dreams on barren planets like Mars, or go beyond the solar system! - Free city-building simulation: balance resource production with the needs of your growing community! - Transform barren planets like Mars into modern cities with thriving civilisations in this free simulator - Figure out how to support life in space: use strategy to build your city! - Spread life throughout the universe and monitor resources to survive: supply oxygen, water and food to your citizens! - Transform Mars and planets outside the solar system and plan your strategy using NASA science - Explore, build and conquer new territories in outer space: The universe is constantly evolving – and you can be part of it! EXPLORE PLANETS TO DEVELOP CIVILISATIONS IN SPACE Create life on different planets using the latest technology for construction and the production of resources: bring life into a new era of evolution. The future is all about survival and evolution in space. Create new-age buildings and transform the planets of the galaxy. Adapt your strategy and conquer planets across the universe in this free city-building simulator! TAKE PART IN RANDOM EVENTS Space is unpredictable and demands new ways to survive. From building new cities to humanity's survival, TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL is a science-based city-building simulator – design and maintain sustainable growth in space. Build, manage and rule your own city in outer space and help human civilisation thrive!
Seller:Tilting Point LLC
Release:Aug 10, 2022
Updated:Aug 16, 2022
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